“Jake and the Neverland Pirates” Treasure Chest

Jake Pirate Chest

The client had seen my original treasure chest cake on my website and asked me if I could create the same one for her son’s third birthday.  When I discussed the specifics of the cake with her a bit more, I learned that the theme of the party was actually Jake and the Neverland Pirates, not just a general pirate party.  Because of this, I wanted to do a more theme specific cake, so I researched what the actual treasure chest from the show looked like.  I decided to cover this one in fondant because the client had to pick the cake up a few days before the party and fondant helps lock in the moisture to keep the cake fresher longer.

Cake Dimensions:  (2) 9 x 13-in rectangle (carved)
Serving Size:  36 sensible servings (finished cake)
Type:  fondant over buttercream
Event Location:  Fairfax, VA