Golf Inspired Groom’s Cake

Cassi's Valentine's Groom Cake

“HOLY CAKE!!! It was out of this world!!! EVERYONE was stunned and amazed by your beautiful craftsmanship – you really have no idea!! Thank you a million times for making it such a show stopper!!”  -C. Poole (Chevy Chase, DC)

The client gave me a bit of leeway coming up with the specific design for the cake.  Her only request was that it feature her fiance’s love of golf.  Despite the fact that it was a groom’s cake, I did want to make sure to add subtle elements of them as a couple as well.  She had a list of 10 details about herself and her fiance on her wedding website, and from that, I added elements to the cake to represent them both.  For her, I added a red high heel shoe because of her love of shoes and a heart because Valentine’s Day is her favorite holiday.  For him, I added a hammer to represent his career and a purple and gold football because of his love of the Baltimore Ravens.  For both of them, I added a bottle of Maker’s Mark, their “bourbon of choice,” and their dog, Milly, at the top of the cake.  I feel that it is really important, especially for this type of cake, to get to know the clients so that I can personalize their cake as much as possible.  I may make another golf cake, but I guarantee that it will never be the same because of these personalized touches.

Cake Dimensions: (1) 12-in round (1) 10-in round  (1) 8-in round (1) 6-in round
Serving Size:  91 sensible servings; 137 event servings
Type:  fondant over buttercream
Event Location:  Alexandria, VA


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