Yoda Cake

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Obviously, all my client wanted for his birthday was a Yoda cake!  I first created a base cake with the name and age and then began the work on Yoda himself.  The first thing that is important to note, is that this entire creation (with the exception of the ears, which needed a small piece of cardboard for support) is made from cake.  My biggest pet peeve is to see an amazing cake, only to discover that a good chunk of it is not edible!  For this reason, I strive to make all of my cakes 100% edible.  I started with Yoda’s head and used a ball pan to create the basic shape of his head.  I then frosted the outside and used fondant to create base features.  Finally, I covered the entire cake with a thin layer of fondant and added the finishing details.  To create the body, I first stacked four cakes on top of each other (with support and a cardboard round in the the middle) and covered and decorated it with fondant.  I then placed the head on top and finished decorating his arms, hands, feet, and cane.  The client also has a two year old who has a birthday around the same time, so I created a small cake without fondant for him.

Cake Dimensions:  (1) 8-in round (base); (2) 6-in round (body);  (1) 6-in ball (carved- head) (1) 4-in round (mini-cake)
Serving Size:  38 sensible servings (not including mini cake); 4 sensible servings (mini cake)
Type: fondant over buttercream with fondant accents; mini cake buttercream with fondant accents 
Event Location:
  McLean, VA