Firetruck Cake III


My client for this cake called up and was interested in the 3-D firetruck cake that I have done in the past.  Because it is extremely labor intensive, it is one of my more expensive cakes and so was a little out of her budget.  After discussing what she felt comfortable paying, I modified the cake to a traditional 9 x 13 cake and put a 1 dimensional fondant firetruck on the top.  To add a little bit of interest to the cake, I accented the sides and back with fondant flames.  Even though this cake is the same amount of batter as an 8 inch cake, because it is a rectangle it is much easier to cut and you can get a significant amount more servings than an 8 inch cake (24 vs. 14).  This client, however, needed even more servings, so I doubled up the 9 x 13 cake and made a two layer cake, which gave her twice the number of servings.  This is definitely the ideal construction in terms of getting the most amount of cake for the best price.

Cake Dimensions:  (2) 9 x 13 cakes stacked
Serving Size:  48 sensible servings
Type: fondant over buttercream with fondant accents 
Event Location:
  McLean, VA