Vintage Dude Cake

vintage dude cake  vintage dude cupcakes

My client for this cake was throwing a “vintage dude” 40th birthday party for her husband.  I had originally suggested a fondant covered cake because they look more polished, and I think this is important, especially for special occasions.  However, when she showed me the decor that she was using, I decided that a smooth buttercream frosting was more appropriate.  The design itself was very simple and mirrored the “vintage dude” plates that she was using.  The cake itself did not serve quite enough people, so we supplemented it with 24 mini cupcakes that were frosted and dusted with chocolate shavings.

Cake Dimensions:  (1) 10-in round; 24 mini cupcakes
Serving Size:  25 sensible servings plus 24 mini cupcakes
Type: smooth buttercream with fondant and melted chocolate accents for the cake; buttercream with chocolate shavings for the cupcakes
Event Location:
  Washington, DC