Rapunzel 6th Birthday


My client for this cake had seen the previous Rapunzel cake that I had done on my website and contacted me to make one for her daughter’s birthday.  After our initial conversation, I learned that she only needed a cake to serve about 15 people, and because of this, the other Rapunzel cake would have been far too big for her needs.  I provided her with a few different options, including keeping the tower, but taking off the bottom 8-in layer, but she decided to go with a more simple 8in/6in stacked cake.  I used fondant flowers and hair, buttercream grass, and Rapunzel figurines to complete the cake.  I always work with my client and within their needs to customize a cake for them.  I am always happy to take any idea and make it smaller (or bigger) so that it is just right for you.

Cake Dimensions:  (1) 8-in round (1) 6-in round
Serving Size:  22 sensible servings
Type: fondant over buttercream with fondant accessory 
Event Location:
  Washington, DC