Whale First Birthday Party

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“People RAVED about the cakes- they were the hit of the party!” -Janelle N. (Arlington, VA)

I was lucky enough to be able to work with this client quite extensively on her daughter’s first birthday cake.  When she first contacted me, she had a general “nautical theme” in mind.  After working through things a bit, she was able to narrow it down to a more specific whale theme.  I requested that she send me a few pictures to give me an idea of the type of cake she was looking for.  Based on these pictures, I found a few other ideas and sent them back to her.  After looking at all of the pictures, we discussed the different ideas, and decided that we wanted to keep it fairly simple with just polka dots, life preservers, and a carved whale on top.  A few weeks before the cake was due, I asked if she had an invitation or any other party supplies picked out.  I like to try to get as much information as possible to truly customize the cake, and I was hoping to specifically get a feel for the shades of colors she was interested in (we had decided on pink and blue, but not the specific tones).  After some discussion, we decided on a light pink and a dark navy.  We also changed from the original idea of polka dots to chevron after seeing a banner that she liked.  The finished product was a three tiered cake with a carved mini whale cake on top.  I also provided her with a “smash” cake the day before so that she could have pictures taken before the party without the chaos of her guests being there.

Cake Dimensions:  (1) 8-in round (1) 6-in round (1) 4-in round
Serving Size:
  26 sensible servings (not including additional smash cake)
 fondant over buttercream, carved mini whale cake topper 
Event Location:
  Arlington, VA