Dora the Explorer Birthday Cake


My client for this cake asked me to create a “Dora the Explorer” themed birthday cake for her daughter’s third birthday.  The party was going to be a small one (around 10 people) so I knew that I only needed to make a one batch cake.  Most people would immediately go with just making a simple 8-inch cake; however, I wanted to still make it a “grand” cake even though it was so small.  I decided to make a two tiered 6/4 cake, which still served the same number of people, but added a bit more dimension and height to the cake.  I decorated the cake using her daughters favorite colors of pink and purple, and then I added Dora, Boots, and the explorer stars to finish off the Dora theme.

Cake Dimensions: (1) 6-in round (1) 4-in round
Serving Size:
  12 sensible servings
 fondant over buttercream 
Event Location:
  McLean, VA